'helping connect in time of loss'

With over 20 years experience working in the mortuary industry- Rikki Solomon founder of Te Rangikahupapa is on a mission to help māori be more connected in the tangihanga process. 

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Who are we? What do we do?

The death of a loved one is an emotional and sometimes stressful experience. With over 50 years of experience in the funeral industry we are pleased to offer whanau a unique, interactive and intimate service. We believe that healing comes from doing and want whanau to be involved in every aspect of caring for their loved one.

We provide a space of aroha, manaakitanga and wairuatanga during the time of tangi.  Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, our whanau work to support you and your whanau and maintain the simplicity of grieving.

Te Rangikahupapa


Meaning of Name

Te Rangikahupapa takes it name from the puurakau of Mataora and Niwareka. We encapsulate the purpose of Te Rangikahupapa and work to envelop whanau with aroha, manaakitanga and atawhaitanga as they move through the journey of healing through tangihanga and grief.

Our building is called He whare koiwi. Meaning a home for all iwi. We are an indiginised space built upon the values of Kaupapa Māori. Our staff are referred to as kaiatawhai (career or support worker) and our embalmers are kaimanaaki (career’s of tūpāpaku).

50+ Years Experience

With over 50 years of combined experience in the funeral industry, we are pleased to offer our service to whanau from all iwi, cultures and backgrounds. We are an inclusive service that utilise tangihanga as a way to celebrate the life of a loved one and help whanau to embark on a pathway towards healing from loss.

Honouring Traditions

The kaupapa of tangihanga dictates that whanau remain with the tūpāpaku from the time of death through to their final resting place. At Te Rangikahupapa we honour that tradition. As subscribers to the Mahi Atua methodology of healing, we invite immediate whanau to participate in all aspects of the tangihanga process from remaining with the tūpāpaku when transferred to our premises right through the washing, dressing, casket, and making harakeke bouquets. We believe that through doing, healing will follow.

Our Facilities

Newly renovated!

Our newly contemporary renovated premises may be small in size but we are up for big things. 


Our premises are open to members of the immediate whanau (up to 10-20 people) to utilise during the preparation of the tupapaku. 


We invite whanau into the luminal spaces of He Whare koiwi (the name of our building).



Our Services

We offer 3 main services plus additional add ons to help and serve you.



Transfers + Embalm + Casket
Price On Application
  • Uplift and transfer from place of death within Aucklnd
  • Full standard embalm

    and treatment

  • Choice of standard split lid casket in polished or matte finish
  • Personalized white grave marker and name plate
  • Registration of death and supplying original death certificate from internal affairs
  • Transportation from our premises to the family home within Auckland


Price on Application
  • Documentation and liaising with NZ customs and international agencies
  • Transfer from the airport to our premises
  • Transfer to family home in the Auckland area


Price on Application
  • Uplift and transfer from place of death within Auckland
  • Cremation casket
  • Cremation at local crematorium
  • Council cremation fee, standard urn fee and ashes returned to family
  • Supplying an original death certificate from internal affairs

Additional Services:

  • Casket Floral Arrangement
  • Choice of Casket ( Dependant on Availability
  • Funeral Director Service ( Dependant on Availability)

Meet Our Team!

We are a whanau owned and operated business. With three generations working together. Let our whanau take care of your whanau. 

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Rikki Solomon

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Winston Solomon


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Renae Solomon

Customer Services

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Harmony Solomon


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Mariana Ahokovi


Frequently Asked Questions.

The cost of a funeral depends on the services you want or need. Visit the Nga Kete o te Tangihanga page on our website to see what services we offer and contact us for a free no obligation quote

Our main service excludes family and funeral day services

Yes, We invite members of the whanau to participate in all aspects of tangi. We are still working through the aspects of inviting a whanau member into the embalming procedure. Please talk with us should you have any questions.

Yes. Feel free to call one of our Kaiatawhai to discuss your needs and we can give you a no obligation quote.

Our service covers the Auckland area, however, we have assisted many families from regions surrounding Auckland. Contact us to see if we can assist.

Yes. We are happy to meet with you to make arrangements for when your loved one dies. Pre-arranging a funeral gives you more time plan how you would like to honour the person who has passed-away and reduces the pressure of trying to organize things when experiencing the loss of a loved one.  


There is no rush to have your loved one uplifted or transferred immediately. This a great time to contact family and friends and spend the final precious moments with your loved one.


Contact Us

Nau mai, Haere mai

132c Marua Road,
Mount Wellington,
Auckland, 1051
New Zealand

  • trkahupapapa@gmail.com
  • 027 254 5135

Please contact us with any questions, if interested please feel free to arrange a time to visit premises and learn more about us. Nga mihi